Refund, Sales, Product & Image Policy for RenewBridal

Terms: Subscriber – The Boutique or Vendor

Refunds: All transactions are non-refundable and non-transferable with no cash value. Subscriptions are month-to-month and can be canceled at any time, however, the current month’s subscription fee will not be returned for any reason. If you fail to cancel your subscription and the next month begins, you must finish the month and cancel for the following month(s). If your card declines or changes, you must update your card information or your storefront will be deactivated and not visible on the main website until updated. We are not responsible for loss in product or storefront visibility during this time.

Sales: There is no guarantee of sale for your product(s) and this is an “at-your-own-risk” listing service, meaning we cannot be held responsible for the lack of sales from your product listings. Renew Bridal has no part in the sale of the gowns and simply acts a curator of vendors and as a listing site for your products. It is the subscriber’s responsibility to complete the sale, list products accurately and ultimately sell their own product(s). Please do not rely on our marketing alone to close your sales. The site will automatically remove sold products that sell on the site, but it is the subscriber’s responsibility to remove any products that may have sold in-store or elsewhere. We encourage removal within seven (7) days of their sale elsewhere. If for any reason your contact information is out of date and the Renew Bridal team is notified, you will have seven (7) business days to update your listing before your listing is suspended without notice. Renew Bridal does not take liability for the loss in visibility during the suspension. Please ensure all of your sales data remains up to date.

Product: By listing products on this site you agree that your products are of a high caliber for resale, are of a designer label and their listings are accurately portrayed to the buyer. It is the subscriber’s responsibility to ensure the products are to the standards of the listing, shipped timely, and meet standards of the listing. As a subscriber, you set your own refund, return, and shipping guidelines. It is encouraged to abide by these terms. All communication about a said product(s) is directly between the buyer and the subscriber. Renew Bridal is NOT involved in communication and will not act as a mediator for any conflict resolutions.

Image & Retail Prices: By uploading any images to sell your product(s) you are certifying that you have permission to use said images, have given appropriate credit where credit is due, and are responsible solely for any copyright infringement that may be brought upon them. Renew Bridal acts as a listing site and is in not connected to the individual product listings completed by the subscriber(s). If you are using stock photos of the gowns, please ensure you are permitted to do so by the designer, especially if you are listing your gowns under a different name. We highly encourage mannequin photos to be used and brides can look up stock photos on their own. This policy also extends to listing the retail prices of the designer gown publically. Some designers have strict policies. It is YOUR responsibility to know these policies and abide by how you see fit.

Final: The only time Renew Bridal will step in to remove listings, deactivate listings, contact you to update information or suspend accounts would be if we have received notices of your failure to comply to copyright laws, a report of inappropriate or inaccurate listings, a bride or boutique has stated they are unable to reach you for a period of time over seven (7) business days or your listings are out of date and no longer available for sale on more than 4 occasions. Overall, Renew Bridal will simply be a marketing tool and website for you to use to sell your products to a broader market and will not be a nuisance to you or your listings.