Setting Up Shipping Methods

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Adding a shipping method is important for your store to operate. This is needed whether you are shipping for free or charging.

Navigate to your Dashboard > Settings > Shipping.

Click on “Add Shipping Method” under Shipping Method.

This screen is where you will see all the existing shipping methods that you have added in the past.

Click on “Add Shipping Method” button in blue at the bottom.

Select one of your shipping methods.

  • Flat Rate: This is a set rate for all products. The customer will be charged this no matter how many products they purchase.
  • Local Pickup: This is for customers who want to pickup the product from your Boutique.
  • Free Shipping: This allows you to add free shipping for your products. This can be in general, or have a minimum amount purchased for free shipping.

Once you have chosen your shipping method, you can edit the settings for each one. Hover over the one you want to select, then click “Edit”. The specific settings will be shown for each shipping method you choose.