How to Setup Your RMA Settings

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RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) allows your customers to return their item for the period of time you select. You can change all of your settings for RMAs by navigating to your Dashboard > Return Requests > RMA Settings.

LABEL: This is how the return will appear to the customer on the front end.


  • No Warranty – no returns are allowed for your store.
  • Warranty Included – customers are allowed to submit return requests.
  • Warranty as add-on – charge customers for the ability to return items

Warranty Included:

  • Length: The ability to set a certain amount of time for return or allow for a lifetime.
  • Length value: The amount of days, weeks, months or years a return is allowed to be requested for an item.
  • Length duration: Choose whether it is days, weeks, months or years.

Refund Reason:

  • Check the options that you want to enable for RMA reasons.

RMA Policy:

  • Add additional return policies you may have for your store.

Override Global Settings for Individual Products

If you need to override your RMA settings for a single product, navigate to your Dashboard > Products > Edit your product and scroll down to the RMA OPTIONS section. From there, check the checkbox and add the settings for that product specifically.