Adding a New Product

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Be sure you have subscribed to one of the packages. This is needed in order to add new products to your listing. You can view all pricing from your Dashboard or by clicking the link:

Once you subscribe, you have access to upload unlimited products to your store. We have a great add product form that allows you to add all the necessary fields for you to inform the buyer with as much information.


Product Title: This will be the name of the product shown on the front end of the store. Normally we suggest the designer name, then style in the format shown here. (Designer Name – Style).

Product Image: This is the image of your product. You can upload a main featured image that is shown everywhere and gallery images which are additional images the customer can see.

Asking Price: This price is shown to BRIDES who are registered on the website. Only Brides will be able to see this price.

Sale Price: This is the price that you can add to the product if you want to show the product as being on sale for the BRIDE.

Boutique Price: This price is shown to other VENDORS so they can purchase the product from you at a lower price than the Bride’s price.

Product Category: This allows you to assign a category appropriate for your product.

Product Tags: These allow you to add keywords to your product and allow it to be easier to be searched for in the store.

Description: Enter additional details in this section. Any damage details, or details you want the customer to know about the product.